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The process of creating furniture is carried out under expert guidance with precision. Operations such as modular residential and office furniture processing and polishing etc are carried out meticulously on state of the art machines.
Our prime focus has been creating an upgraded vision, time and again, especially in the market for modular furniture. Our furniture is ornamentally finished and classily designed also providing peak utility. From launching the first store in 1976 Sajawat followed by Gharonda, Dalan, too are Successfully Running Stores.

About Us
We are modular furniture company in Pune to integrate advanced Manufacturing technology with a user-friendly, online & customized solution

Company Overview

Our Quality Perspective
Like they say:
“Quality precisely we mean its cohesive bled of conformance performance and durability ”
At Gharonda, we have imbibed the lessons of quality deep in our work culture so that we strive towards achieving the set goals passionately. The key factors to our superior quality are:
• Engineering precision
• Fully mechanized operations (accommodative & place compliance )
• Knowledge of material and function,(look, feel, shine) operational utility
• Product durability (long lasting)
We are simply unbeatable when it comes to offering choices for finishes, colors, fixtures, hardware, etc. to the customer.


Meet the Team

Meet the Team

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gharonda founder & ceo
shekhar shinde

Shekhar shinde

Founder & CEO

Rupesh Shinde Gharonda furniture


Rupesh Shinde

Vice President

Interior designer
Amruta shinde Gharonda furniture

Amruta shinde

Interior Projects Head

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